Every end-user shall be treated with the utmost respect and friendliness, while I am assisting you, whether via an Online Training Session, Virtual Assistant Session or Remote Support Session.

About me: 

I started in Information Technology in 1996. I worked for a variety of large Corporations in Massachusetts during the big “IT Boom” where I received hands on training in Information Technology. I spent my day’s as a Desktop Support Specialist. I walked around the Corporations teaching and fixing Computer problems, from someone not knowing how to use an Application, to formatting a Laptop and configuring all the Software for the user.

In 2004, I started SKYWIFI Technical Consulting to teach users about their Systems, Software, Hardware and Wireless Devices, and to help them resolve everyday technical issues.

There isn’t many issues I can’t resolve, or any user I can’t help.  I truly love helping people, and teaching people how to use Information Technology.

I look forward to assisting you. Schedule a session with me today!


Jackie Taylor

Independent Technical Consultant – SKYWIFI Technical Consulting.



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